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SCIENCE Broad-based Admission Scheme

(2023 Entry)

The SCIENCE broad-based admission scheme allows students to explore their interests in the following science programmes during their first year of study. The participating major programmes include:

There is no quota for a specific major, while ample academic advising will be provided to assist students in selecting their programme of study. Depending on their abilities, admitted students may be able to declare their majors at the time of entrance, or at the end of Year 1 or Year 2 (except for double major programmes). 

The broad-based admission scheme places high priority on students and their interests. To better prepare students to select a major of study, a flexible first-year curriculum and a Faculty package have been designed for students with different preparations and to allow them to:

  • acquire a broader view about science
  • be better prepared to study in a science major programme
  • be able to tackle problems in a comprehensive and integrative manner

Students under the broad-based admission scheme will go through a common set of courses – the Faculty Package – in their first year of study. There are five groups of courses in the package: chemistry, life sciences, mathematics, physics and statistics. Students will study at least three 3-unit courses from the Faculty Package. The first course shall be chosen from the student’s most desired major programme, the second course shall be chosen from a relevant subject, and the third course shall be chosen from the remaining groups.


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